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Water Butts Save Money

"Happiness is a full water butt. Well done"

James D , Rathgar

Water Meters are being installed right across the country and that means that water rates are coming down the track. One of the best ways to save on water rates is to collect rain water. It's free and with the right equipment it is easy to collect and to use.

While your first water bill will arrive at the beginning of 2015 Irish Water (Uisce Eireann) will start measuring your water usage in the last quarter of this year - just months away. When water rates were introduced in the UK the demand for water saving devices such as water butts went through the roof, as did the prices. Don't get caught out - order your water butt today.

You've probably been considering installing a water butt - and it's really a no-brainer with water charges on the way. But why have you been holding back. Well if you're like most of our clients then perhaps the thought of getting it home is one major obstacle. You want the biggest one that you can manage but the idea of lugging a 210 litre capacity butt is a bit daunting. They are quite big.

Water butt installed in Dublin

Even if you do manage to get it home in your car, and wrestle it into position in the garden, the prospect of hacking into your downpipe and making the correct connections probably doesn't appeal to you. And what if you get it wrong - will any excess water end up flowing all over the patio or garden - and will you end up having replace your downpipe?

If it all seems like too much hassle then our delivery and installation service is the perfect solution for you. We help you to save money every rainy day.

"The water butt is working just fine and I cant believe the amount of water going into it, its filled to the brim already. Thanks again John"

Rose, Coolmine

Irish Water Butts - Delivery & Installation

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Our attractive water butts are perfect for the average Dublin garden and Irish weather conditions. Our 210 Litre water butt comes as a stylish barrel shaped container. It is green in colour with a black child proof lid. We also provide a stand to fit the water butt on so that you can easily place your watering can under the butt. A tap is also included at the base. Our professional staff will install a downpipe diverter kit that is suitable for any standard round (68mm) or square (65mm) downpipes. When the water butt is full the rainwater will automatically revert to going back down the pipe so there will never be an overflow from the water butt.

"Brilliant. It's working exactly as I hoped. Great value and service"

Eamonn, Glasnevin Ave

Water Butt Dimensions

Height (with stand) 118cm - Diameter 68cm - Capacity 210 Litres Water

What We Provide

Water butts bullet point 210 Litre Water Butt
Water butts bullet point Childproof Lid
Water butts bullet point Downpipe Diverter Kit
Water butts bullet point Water Butt Stand
Water butts bullet point Tap
Water butts bullet point Five year manufacturers guarantee
Water butts bullet point Delivery & Professional Installation

Best Water Butt Prices in Ireland

The total cost for the water butt, additional materials, delivery and professional installation ranges from €99 to €135. An initial deposit of €50 per single installation (payable via PayPal) is required. We operate on a cash-on-delivery basis for the balance. You can also pay in full in advance by credit card (via PayPal).

Single Water Butt Installation: Cost €135

Two to Five Water Butt Installations: Cost €119 each. See Multiple Water Butt Installations

Six or more Water Butt Installations: Cost €99 each. See Multiple Water Butt Installations


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